Author: Joe Brockmeier

I'm Joe Brockmeier. Some of my friends call me Zonker, some call me jzb, but Joe is fine too if you don't dig nicknames. I've been tinkering with websites almost as long as I've had a computer of my own, which would be mid-1995. Linux came soon after that, though it took a while for me to become competent with it. Over the years I've done a lot of writing, some work with open source communities, and a fair bit of communications and marketing work. Life at the intersection of computers, communications, community, and the web makes me happy. I also have a deep love of music, cats, books, my family, art, Scotch, beer, and a good St. Louis-style pizza. Not in that order. My pronouns are "he / him / his," and I'll respect yours if you care to share them with me. My perpetual New Year's Resolution is to be more like Mr. Rogers. Doubt I'll ever get there, but it's worth trying.
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